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October 8, 2020

Southside Redevelopment Corp. is Now Canopy South

New Name + Same Mission 

We are in the season of change, and it feels like the perfect time to introduce our new name and look – Southside Redevelopment Corporation is now Canopy South!

While we wish we could celebrate such an exciting transition in person, health and safety are our top priorities. So, we are sharing this news with the hope that one day soon, we can come together to not only commemorate the change but share in the progress we have made so far.

A Note from our Executive Director, César García

Earlier this year we made a promise to create a better tomorrow with the actions we take today. As Canopy South we will continue to put equity at the forefront of our revitalization efforts to acknowledge the dire need to dismantle the historic injustices within our communities. Now is our moment to create the change we want to see in our communities and take action toward building a welcoming future.

Our decision to rebrand was inspired in part by this promise; and the desire to stand out while connecting our image to our holistic approach to neighborhood transformation. Canopy South is engaging and vibrant – a reflection of the neighborhoods we serve – while signifying unity and collaboration as we bring together the vital components for revitalization. We are committed to growing purposeful partnerships, with the common goal of creating a culture of opportunity for all.

We believe one voice – your voice – can change a community. Gaining feedback is as critical as ever, and an unconventional era requires creative solutions. Canopy South has been diligently working to gather input while adhering to public health and safety guidelines. While we look forward to the day when we can come together in person, we will continue to find innovative ways to safely connect with our community.

As we navigate this time of transition we remain hopeful and excited for what will come next.


César A. García

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