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October 24, 2022

From Vision to Reality: Canopy South’s Community Ambassadors Drive Change

At Canopy South, we’re fortunate to be part of a community that cares for more than just the present moment, it’s planning for generations to come. That’s why we started our Ambassador Program – to identify the leaders in the Southside Terrace – Indian Hill community and equip them with the skills necessary to strategically lead their families and peers in the direction that the neighborhood envisions for itself.

Join us in congratulating the 12 graduates that completed all 8 weeks of the inaugural program!

  • Zahra Ali
  • Jeanette Barayandema
  • Chavonz Brown
  • Serendipity Gomez
  • Sammie Jackson
  • Tiit Kuek
  • Melissa Lee
  • Nycci Myles
  • Jacqueline Ndayahoze
  • Anita Rojas
  • Michael Sanders
  • Tracy Sanders

The Ambassador Program was a paid, 8-session program aimed at supporting and empowering residents who were passionate about getting involved in their community but lacked formal leadership training. The program focused on building participants’ capacity and leadership skills through sessions led by partner organizations such as Seventy Five North, Nebraska Civic Engagement Table, inCOMMON Community Development, The Wellbeing Partners, and others.

The Ambassador Program covered a range of topics, including neighborhood history and future, conflict resolution, stress mitigation, community organizing, communication, civic engagement, and mindfulness. The program consisted of a combination of sessions, field trips, and hands-on activities designed to enhance the leadership skills and capacity of community residents.

Graduates of the Community Ambassador program play a critical role in bridging the gap between the Canopy South and the community. They serve as the primary point of contact for residents, providing a voice for their concerns, and ensuring that their opinions are heard in the decision-making process moving forward. These ambassadors will proactively address conflicts and facilitate communication between different groups. They are equipped to handle complex situations, act as mediators and provide effective solutions. With their extensive knowledge of the community, they can provide valuable insights into important decisions that impact the neighborhood. 

The Community Ambassador program cultivates a culture of collaboration, accountability, and transparency, creating a strong, united community. Our first cohort was a success and we’re now busy planning to grow the program in 2023.

A special thanks to our partners and guest speakers that made the program possible:

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